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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dive #133. Lovin' the local leafies...

When: 14 February 2009
Location: The Bluff, Victor Harbour, South Australia
Depth: 8.2m
Bottom time: 62 mins
Viz: 4m
Water temp: 21°C
Buddy: Scuba Buachall

Swiss native Fabian booked a guided leafy sea dragon tour with SB.

And who better?

We met 10. Yes, 10 leafies, ranging from juvenile to fully grown.

The conditions were lovely. Warm and sunny, and a gentle sea. But it's the Bluff, so as usual, there was surge. And the viz wasn't great. The sea there always reminds me of Won Ton soup, with stringy bits...

I spotted a juvenile moonlighter who thought I didn't see him, and darted off quite hurriedly, upset that I waved at him.

SB also came across a dozen crayfish hiding under a ledge.

All in all, a lovely, leafy dive!

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